11+ ISEB Common Pre-Test

It is generally acknowledged that recent attempts by ISEB and senior schools to make pre-testing a simpler process, have in fact made the journey more complicated for parents! Most typically, children sit the ISEB Online Common Pre-Test in Year 6 and/or 7, before visiting individual schools for further written or online tests, varied interviews and group activities.

Oppidan has been advising parents and helping children practice with school testing since its founding. Very much our ‘bread and butter’, we feel that the Oppidan approach to pre-tests alleviates pressure, instils calm and injects energy for those families under our care.

Our key aims:

  • To help children practice for the ISEB Common Pre-Test

  • To manage expectations of both children and parents

  • To work with and in schools to help support the process

  • To familiarise families with the process

  • To foster confidence in a child’s ability

  • To enable children to enjoy their transition

Why Oppidan?

We’ve done over 10,000 hours of pre-test mentoring and work not just privately with families, but in some of the UK’s best prep schools. In 2018 alone we worked with close to 1,000 children in UK schools at 11+ level.

See Oppidan Days in Schools for further information on our schools programme.