• Oxford University: PhD Chemical Engineering (in progress)

  • Oxford University: MEng Engineering Science 1st Class Degree

  • Stonyhurst College: A-Levels - Mathematics A*, Further Mathematics A*, Additional Furthers Mathematics A*, Chemistry A, Physics A*

Biography & Interests

I am a PhD student in Chemical Engineering (Hons.) at the University of Oxford, already holding a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the university. I was raised in Nigeria and moved to the UK for secondary school. I gained interests and academic success in mathematics and sciences which led me to apply for an engineering undergraduate course. I have worked in many academic positions as an academic mentor for undergraduates at the Department of Engineering, and mentoring 13+, GCSE and A-Level students. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, playing football, swimming, playing chess and building wooden models of large ships.

Experience & Approach

I have a positive attitude and a passion to assist and motivate struggling learners, factors which I believe are key to building confidence and achieving academic goals. I find, from my own experience, that people learn things differently and at different paces; when students struggle with a subject, it’s usually because their learning style conflicts with the style or pace with which it is being taught. Mentoring one-on-one gives the opportunity to learn at the student’s optimal pace. I strongly believe that success at school and beyond is based on strategy, time management, and self-confidence. My passion, diligence and creative skill-set drive my students to succeed.


"Great energy and connected really well with the boys. Five Stars!" Maria, mother of 13-year-old, April 2018

"He knows what he’s doing and he is very good at it." Umaru, father of GCSE boy, April 2018 

“Alli was exactly what we were looking for - a mentor. He assessed both my kids and was spot on with his understanding of them. I'm certainly impressed.” Mother of 11 and 13-year old. September 2018

“Alli was fantastic. Olivia loved her sessions with him and came away fired up and keen to do extra work that he had set. He was very encouraging and made her sessions fun! Olivia always came away from one session looking forward to the next which is a credit to Alli's mentoring. Thank you Alli.” Mother of 13-year-old, November 2018

“We found Alli Intelligent, passionate, very engaged and in tune with our boys' tutoring needs.” Mother of 2 boys (13 and 11-years-old) December 2018

“Fantastic after the first session! The boys love him already - we look forward to what he brings to table and the future sessions!” Parent of 14-year-old and 11-year-old, April 2019