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  • Goldsmiths University: BA Hons in Fine Art Practice High 2:1

  • University of Oxford: MA  English Literature and Language 1st

  • University of Oxford: BA Hons Anthropology and Archaeology 2:1

  • Byam Shaw, London: Foundation Course in Fine Art

  • Bryanston School: A Levels - History of Art A, Geography A, English Literature B, Biology A


Having completed seven years of academic study at Oxford University, and a further three at Goldsmiths University, I am in a strong position to offer an independent, infectiously enthusiastic and warmly encouraging approach to learning, and do so in a supportive manner. Whilst at both these establishments, and since, I have studied subjects out of interest and curiosity hence my subject knowledge is broad and my interest in ideas voracious. In addition to my academic life I have travelled extensively – recently returned from a years sabbatical in which I worked, studied and conducted research in the States, South America, Japan and Europe. Additionally I have, and continue, to work across a range of sectors Educational, Environmental and the Arts. My tutoring and mentoring work is sustained and revitalised by the range of my interests and experiences, yet tutoring remains a vocation I am committed to and passionate about. I seek on all occasions to enable students to discover their own unique approach to learning and enhance creative, independent thinking.


My tutoring practice is a fusion of mentoring, coaching, subject specific tutoring and study skills with a specialist focus on Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. Having tutored for eight years I have developed a practice which integrates educational pedagogies, insights from developmental psychology and philosophical ideas about learning. My approach is person centred, caring yet intellectually rigorous. Each student is attended to as an individual, recognised as having their own way of learning, processing information and remembering - in relation to educational and life demands. This individual uniqueness is gently drawn out and personal, bespoke strategies devised and developed accordingly. Sessions are a collaboration between myself and the student which brings about independence of mind, confidence and autonomy with a renewed sense of learning capabilities and strengthened capacities in the face of adversity. Each student leaves the tutoring relationship with a wealth of internalised resources that can be drawn on and employed, as well as a felt sense of educational and emotional resilience.