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  • UCL: Reception of the Classical World MA

  • St Hugh’s College, Oxford University: Classics & English: 2:1

  • St Swithun’s School, Winchester: A-levels - English literature A*, Latin A, Chemistry A

  • EPQ: Ancient Philosophy and Poetry A*

Biography & Interests

I have recently graduated from Oxford where I studied a joint honours in Classics and English. I am now taking my degree to its natural conclusion in a master’s in which I am focussing on the reception of the classical world in 20th century English literature. My absolute passion is poetry — I am particularly interested in spoken word poetry, and also in all forms of performance art and theatre. I have recently moved to London and am amazed by the number and quality of art exhibitions which are now available to me, and I am now attempting drawing classes. The only sport which I am not terrible at is skiing: I had a brilliant ski season in Switzerland on my gap year where I worked as a chalet girl. 

Experience & Approach

When at school my favourite lessons were those in which my teachers were friendly, interested, and engaging. I am struck by the power which teachers have to steer the course of a child’s academic path. Our enjoyment and understanding of a subject (especially at a young and less independent age) can be shaped entirely by the material which a teacher or tutor chooses to share, and by their attitude to the teaching. Therefore I believe that passion and engagement with the subject one is teaching has the power to draw out students’ natural enthusiasm. I have tutored maths to 13+ and my favourite subjects to teach are essay-based subjects: English in particular.