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  • University of Oxford: Government-funded DPhil (PhD) in English Literature, ongoing

  • University College London: MA in English Literature, Distinction

  • University of Oxford: BA English Literature & Language, 1st Class

  • Harrow School: A-Levels: Italian A*, Theatre Studies A*, French A, English Literature A

  • Harrow School Academic Scholar

Biography & Interests

Born in Northumberland, I’ve lived most of my life either in Paris or London, with an Italian mother. Thanks to this I can speak three languages and know the cultures of the UK, France and Italy well. I’m a keen actor, having acted in and directed several plays at Oxford. Though I don’t play anymore, I can read music and have basic piano skills. Visual art – especially painting – is one of my passions; whether in Oxford or in London, I spend a significant amount of time in each city’s museums. Sports-wise, I love anything with a racquet involved (squash, tennis, badminton) and also run quite a bit (cross-country and road). 

I have been a mentor since I began my undergraduate degree at the University of Oxford in 2013. I graduated with the highest first class degree in English Language and Literature at my college, Christ Church. At Christ Church, I was also an Academic Scholar and holder of a Gibbs Prize for achieving a Distinction in Preliminary Examinations and coming 10th in a year of 240 students. In 2017, I was awarded a Master of Arts degree with distinction in English Literature at University College London, where I was also awarded the Shakespeare and Rhetoric Prize by Professor Brian Vickers. Since 2018, I have been doing a DPhil (PhD) in English Literature at the University of Oxford; my research is fully funded by the government-run Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Experience & Approach

I have taught a variety of subjects across Languages and the Arts, including English Language and Literature, French, Italian and History of Art (for the Eton Scholarship).  Most of my mentees have been Oxbridge candidates or A Level/GCSE students but I have also taught English, French and Italian to children from six years old up to 13+. My main strength resides in teaching English Language and Literature, particularly for Oxbridge and university applications, as well as at Undergraduate and Masters level. I have completed over 500 hours’ teaching with Oppidan over the course of the last two years.

The most effective mentors, I believe, listen to their students and learn from them, ensuring that lessons are dialogues and not lectures. This approach is similar to the model of Oxbridge tutorials, in which students learn through formal conversations with teachers. This approach is particularly beneficial to the study of English, a discipline in which an original opinion about a literary text can always be expressed. To draw reluctant students into the study of English, I often use another subject: for example, using a student’s interest in the English Civil War to help their study of John Milton, or their passion for French in their study of T. S. Eliot.


"Andrew, as a mentor, was extremely attentive and helpful. His insight and advice was invaluable and helped me to achieve an A* at A Level. Apart from this, his strengths were his passion for the topics and the way he inspired in me a love for English Literature.” A-Level student

"I learnt more in Andrew's seminar on W. B. Yeats than I did in any other seminar run by the English Faculty.” Fellow Masters student

"My son has certainly made great progresses and we all acknowledge Andrew's contribution to his exams results.” Mother of 11+ student.

"Max and Andrew are best mates." Mother of 11+ student

"Andrew was the perfect fit for William - so glad all our processes are aligned!" Mother of GCSE student