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  • Oxford University: History, 2.1.

  • A Levels: History, English, Theology (A, A, A*)


 I was educated at Eton College and have recently graduated from Oxford with a degree in History. I have always loved the written word, and am currently working in London as an aspiring writer and director. I have written and directed my own shows, as well as worked successfully within a production team. I have four younger siblings, so am no stranger to big families and loud children. I love to play any and all racket sports, although not too competitively as I will often find myself losing. 


I have mentored across a range of subjects and ages. My primary experience lies with English and Maths ISEB 13+ or 11+, but beyond that, I have mentored a number of GSCE and A Level humanities, with a focus on English/History/Theology. I believe that the role of a mentor is to act as an enabler: someone who encourages, inspires and makes learning fun. I love to help a child expand their knowledge of the subject in question outside of the traditional mark scheme, and to start to think in different ways.


"It went really well thanks! He is great!" Mother of Leo.

"They had an amazing session.  You can clearly tell he is passionate about English and it is her favourite subject as well - so they hit it off right from the start.  She felt like she learned so much in one session already and he gave her great study tips as well." Lisa, mother of Year-11 Girl. 

"Andrea was really really happy, he told me that he was learning near things and new skills and he is so motivated that he jumped straight into his homework on saturday morning!" Mother of Andrea. 

"He's great so far! Very pleased over all - thank you!" Mother of Petra. 

“Archie is a great mentor. He has his own learned and superb coaching skills. Most importantly, he ignited the enthusiasm that a child wants to express, maximizing the child's self-confidence. In addition, the class he arranged was compact and practical, which proved that he was an experienced instructor. No words can express my gratitude and respect for Archie as a parent.” Mother of 11-year-old, January 2019

“Archie travelled a great distance to spend time with Jack, which we are very grateful for. Archie was able to create a bond with Jack quite quickly and they worked well together. The session was three hours long and we hope that Jack was able to take in most of what was discussed. Following the session Archie provided invaluable feedback on Jack.” Mother of 11-year-old, January 2019