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  • University of Oxford: Classics

  • Eton College: A* in Latin, A* in Ancient Greek, D2 in Spanish (Pre-U)


Through my studies at Eton it became clear that my greatest passion was for languages, both modern and ancient. Whilst it is Latin and Greek that I have taken on at Oxford, I always enjoyed my studies of French, Spanish and the humanities.  I am a huge sports fan and will often be found watching Stoke City on a Saturday afternoon. I am also a big cricket fan and enjoy escaping from my sisters to watch Test Matches on TV at home. 


I am relatively new to Oppidan and so do not possess a wealth of experience. However, I am hugely keen to build on that and would relish the chance to act as a mentor and tutor, especially in the subjects in which I have the most solid groundings. I will always endeavour to create a positive, enjoyable atmosphere for the tutee. Having only left school in 2016, I am very much aware that learning can seem like a chore, so will always aim to carry out tutorials in a focused but light-hearted manner.  


"Things are going well with Danny and Barnaby. Danny is certainly very keen on lessons and wanted to continue with one French and one Latin a week." Thanks. Mother of Year-8 Boy, December 2017 

โ€œBarnaby has worked with our son for nearly 2 years in French, Latin and latterly Greek. Our son thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Barnaby and in fact looked forward to them ! Our son made excellent progress academically and obtained an academic scholarship to his current school . Barnaby is an excellent mentor both academically and for all round support. We highly recommend him.โ€ Mother of Year 9 Boys, September 208

"Thank you for providing us with Barnaby. It was the perfect match. George actually enjoyed his long sessions with him - they were on the same wavelength. He slotted into the household seamlessly and I did not feel the need to oversee the work being done at all. Barnaby was polite and fun to have around." Mother of Year 6 boy, September 2018