• University of Oxford, Worcester College: Classics 1st

  • University of Oxford: Awarded Academic Scholarship

  • Eton College: A-Levels – Latin A*, Ancient Greek A*, Maths A

Biography & Interests

I’m currently in my penultimate year at Worcester College, Oxford studying Classics (Latin & Ancient Greek). I also volunteer for an Oxford-based charity called Schools Plus which sends current Oxford undergraduates into disadvantaged schools in Oxfordshire to provide their teachers with added support. I help out with a lunchtime reading & comprehension class for children in year 6.

My main passion is for all things sport, and especially rugby. I was lucky enough to captain the 1st XV at Eton, but after a string of injuries I’ve decided to take the game slightly less seriously, now playing for the more social team at Oxford, the Colleges XV.

Away from sport, I’m a keen (albeit not very talented) musician, playing the flute while at school and more recently trying to teach myself the piano. I’ve also discovered a love for photography and food (90% eating, 10% cooking).

Experience & Approach

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a passion for trying to learn something new, whether it be a subject, a language, or a skill. And this is why I love being a mentor: there is nothing quite as rewarding as helping someone else to discover that passion for themselves.

I have mentored in a variety of subjects (maths, English, Spanish and French) but my main focuses are Latin and Ancient Greek. My mentees’ ages have ranged from 11 to 18. I look to work with my mentees on their confidence and love of learning. Growing up with a teacher for a mother taught me the value of having someone to support and encourage you every step of the way.