• University of Oxford, Worcester College: Classics 1st

  • University of Oxford: Awarded Academic Scholarship

  • Eton College: A-Levels – Latin A*, Ancient Greek A*, Maths A

Biography & Interests

I’m currently in my penultimate year at Worcester College, Oxford studying Classics (Latin & Ancient Greek). I also volunteer for an Oxford-based charity called Schools Plus which sends current Oxford undergraduates into disadvantaged schools in Oxfordshire to provide their teachers with added support. I help out with a lunchtime reading & comprehension class for children in year 6.

My main passion is for all things sport, and especially rugby. I was lucky enough to captain the 1st XV at Eton, but after a string of injuries I’ve decided to take the game slightly less seriously, now playing for the more social team at Oxford, the Colleges XV.

Away from sport, I’m a keen (albeit not very talented) musician, playing the flute while at school and more recently trying to teach myself the piano. I’ve also discovered a love for photography and food (90% eating, 10% cooking).

Experience & Approach

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a passion for trying to learn something new, whether it be a subject, a language, or a skill. And this is why I love being a mentor: there is nothing quite as rewarding as helping someone else to discover that passion for themselves.

I have mentored in a variety of subjects (maths, English, Spanish and French) but my main focuses are Latin and Ancient Greek. My mentees’ ages have ranged from 11 to 18. I look to work with my mentees on their confidence and love of learning. Growing up with a teacher for a mother taught me the value of having someone to support and encourage you every step of the way.


"Ben has really boosted our daughter's confidence in Latin as well as actually teaching the subject and supporting her learning. They get on really well together and though one might have reservations about being able to teach and learn effectively through Skype, Ben is great at using this tool. He is enthusiastic and encouraging and makes a weekly Latin and Greek session something to look forward to." Mother of 12-year-old girl, March 2019

“Ben managed to make a dry topic interesting and has provided Charlotte with good tools and strategies for her Latin translation efforts.” Mother of 11-year-old and 9-year-old, May 2019