• LAMDA: 2 Year Foundation Degree in Professional Acting

  • University of Edinburgh: Mandarin and Italian 1st Class Degree

  • Eton College: A-Levels – Latin A*, French A*, Italian A*

Biography & Interests

I’ve always been fascinated by words and the way we use them to connect with other people. As a result, throughout school and university I studied as many languages and acted is as many plays as I possibly could. I then went on to study Mandarin, French and Italian at Edinburgh University before heading to LAMDA to do a two-year post-graduate degree in acting. Since graduating, I have appeared in an ITV show and toured a play around the UK before bringing it into the West-End. Acting aside, I am an avid golfer, tennis player and surf enthusiast. I also go to the theatre and cinema as much as I possibly can!

Experience & Approach

I grew up the middle of five children and so before teaching professionally I had had years of experience helping my younger siblings through their school careers. Over the last few years - whilst at drama school and since graduating - I have been working as an Oppidan mentor, specialising in languages, drama and interview training. My experience has taught me that every student requires a highly personalised approach in order to get the most out of their mentoring. To achieve this, I like to really get to know my mentees and the way they think about and approach their learning, so that I am then able to tailor our sessions to complement their areas of strength and help where they are less confident.

I strongly believe learning can and should be fun and so I like to deformalise the process wherever possible though games and less ‘traditional’ ways of learning. My ultimate goal is to leave my mentees confident in their abilities, calm about the exam process, and excited to show what they can do.


“James absolutely loved the session. He was on a high after Bert left and was openly positive about how much he enjoyed it and is looking forward to the next session. Bert was brilliant with him. He managed to get him engaged in an effortless manner and asked him lots of brain-stimulating questions. He was relaxed and playful, which is great. I'm so pleased - this is really just what is needed for James (and us).” Mother of 10-year-old, January 2019

“Bert has been great at quickly developing a good rapport with James. He always comes to the sessions with enthusiasm and energy and challenges James in different ways. He also has great ideas and thoughts about many different subjects, so this really helps to stimulate James in a way that I don't think anyone else does.” Mother of 10-year-old, May 2019

“Bert has been an amazing mentor for our son. Normally our son would resist work but he is always happy to be with Bert as he engages children naturally. Bert has a great all-round attitude, is incredibly calm and patient but at the same time is firm and fair, instilling good manners and the right boundaries. We are never in doubt that Bert is making good choices and guiding our son effectively both academically and emotionally. We feel very lucky to have met Bert and for him to be part of our son’s life.” Mother of 12-year-old, September 2019