The Oppidan Young Leaders Programme

The Young Leaders Programme: Work placements on camps and in our offices for Oppidan Mentees.

Making our students part of our future.

Tilly Cripwell: Oppidan’s First Young Leader

February 2019

Having spent most of my time at previous work experiences with nothing to do (but being too scared to question this) coming to work with Oppidan was refreshingly satisfying. I feel like I have come away with a huge deal more insight into the working world than I would normally expect from a week’s work experience.

I found that I did not once get bored, due to the variety in my week, and the amount of thought put into the tasks I was given. Each day, I was taken to the lobby to talk with a different member of the business about their role.

 After this, they would give me a task related to their role in the company. For example, Alex, the Marketing Manager, had me create a campaign for the Oppidan Camps, which represented an example of what would usually be sent to clients who had previously sent their children to an Oppidan Camp.

 Flick, the business’ Events Manager, had me research some journalists the company could contact in order to gain publicity for the various Oppidan events. Aside from these tasks, I also got the chance to sit in on interviews with potential mentors and camp leaders, witness brainstorming sessions and company meetings, and present my ideas to some of the Oppidan employees.

The overarching project for my week was the introduction of the Young Leaders Programme. Being 17 years old myself, the project was very relevant, therefore I found it easy and interesting coming up with ideas for this, and thinking of certain concepts the programme should entail. I was given the task of thinking of ideas for this new programme, and organising them into a formulated presentation. Parts of my presentation included brainstorming the value of this programme, how to market it, what its purposes would be, the target audience and the finances. On my last day with Oppidan, I presented my ideas to Walter, and he gave me constructive praise and criticism on the format of my presentation, the ideas I proposed and how the business may go on to use my proposal.

 I have found this week invaluable regarding the running of a business, how the working world works (especially within the education sector) and the individual values of each job role in a business. My learning about the company has been optimised by means of my always being busy and being taught new things. It was also very useful to be able to experience the office dynamics and formalities, as they are great examples of those current in the working world today, and those I may experience when I enter the working world.

Tilly Cripwell

Friday February 22nd 2019