GCSE revision

Oppidan Education at The Peligoni Club – Summer Half Term 2016

Over this Summer’s Half Term, Walter and I had the good fortune to team up with The Peligoni Club in Greece to mentor for their Half Term week. The idea was simple: to create a dynamic environment in which to revise, to assist different ages and levels and to incorporate the easy-going ethos of The Peligoni into our teaching time with students.

With a beautiful location and perfect weather for the week, our job was made easy. A long list of academic and sporting challenges included poetry workshops for 11+ boys, GCSE revision for teenage girls and Maths on the tennis court for some early teen boys. Walter brilliantly put together an assortment of Maths challenges to be served up over the net, while I made the most of our Oppidan Poetry anthology with some sharp and enthusiastic 11+ pupils. With such a spread of ages and levels, the task seemed a tough one at first, but was soon made easier by such polite, hardworking and energetic children all around the club.

Our week at The Peligoni proved a brilliant start to a wonderful partnership with the great Peli team. It also showed that mentoring ‘out-and-about’ is the best way to work constructively in holiday time. The Peli was a perfect place to enjoy our mentoring work and we hope our students found their mornings less a chore, more a fun way to make the most of holiday time.

We look forward to heading back to the club next summer and with planning well underway, there should be a few more joint projects for the Oppidan/Peligoni partnership. Our deepest thanks go to all the Peli team both in London and Greece, and most of all, to our dedicated students, all of whom we so enjoyed getting to know and look forward to seeing again.