Oppidan partners with The Week Junior

Oppidan is thrilled to announce the launch of a partnership with Britain’s fastest-growing children’s magazine, The Week Junior. Our Junior Heroes competition offers children the opportunity to engage with multiple academic and creative skills, sending a written entry on which singular person has, and continues to inspire them as they grow up. 

The nationwide competition will run for five weeks. Full details of the competition and how to enter will be featured in The Week Junior magazine 11 October 2019 edition (on sale on Saturday 12th October 2019). The closing date for entries to be received is Friday 8th November 2019 and the winner announced in the 7th December issue.

First prize will win 2 x Oppidan Camp 2020 places for themselves and a friend, as well as an Oppidan Camp School Day for their whole class. 
Second and Third prize will win an Oppidan Camp School Day for their entire class. 

The top 3 prize winners will also receive a copy of The Week Junior 2019 Annual. 

What’s more, every entrant will receive a discount code entitling them to 10% off an Oppidan Camp place for 2020.

We’re delighted to be in partnership with The Week Junior and keep your eyes peeled for a copy! 


Oppidan Young Leaders Programme

Oppidan has been running a Young Leaders Programme in which 16/17 year olds come and spend a week on work experience with the Oppidan team at Second Home. Garry wrote a brief article on his time with Oppidan.

I very much enjoyed my time in Oppidan Education’s Young Leaders Programme. It was one of the best work experiences that I could have hoped for. Henry and Walter and the entire Oppidan team were all incredibly welcoming and supportive.

During the week, I sat in on a variety of meetings as well as in some interviews for potential Oppidan mentors. It was great to see how the decision-making process was shared at Oppidan, and my opinions were often solicited and always valued.

The week was geared towards me understanding Oppidan’s business and generating ideas for a project that would lead to Oppidan’s growth and development. I was encouraged to bring the latest thinking from leading business schools into my analysis, which was a fantastic learning experience.

In the end, I proposed the launch of an Oppidan Junior Mentor’s programme and I presented my ideas to the Oppidan team on Friday. I was given valuable feedback, and I was honoured to be asked to continue working with Oppidan to implement my project. The project gave the week a great sense of purpose and urgency, making the week hugely productive for me (and hopefully for Oppidan).

The programme showed me Oppidan’s underlying ethos of mutual development and respect, and I was very impressed by how committed Henry and Walter were to making sure I got the most I could out of the experience, which is unsurprising given how committed they are to mentoring. I couldn’t recommend Oppidan’s Young Leaders Programme more highly.

By Garry

If you are in Year 11 to 13 and would like to apply for the Young Leaders Programme 2020 then keep an eye out for when applications open in January 2020! For more details, contact alice@oppidaneducation.com

Information on the Harrow Test: Autumn 2019

The Harrow Test is the pre-test for entry to Harrow School, taken by the majority of boys between mid-September and mid-October of Year 7. Boys are offered conditional places based on successful Common Entrance exams taken in the summer term of Year 8. The Harrow Test takes place at the school; for parents and teachers who decide to attend, they will be invited on a tour of the school and a visit to a Boarding House. 

At Oppidan, we specialise in preparing boys for the Harrow Test; that preparation is based on a measured approach to helping boys remain engaged about the process, without putting undue pressure or concern on that application. A less is more approach is considered the mark of an appropriate guide of preparation, especially with the interview. Preparation for the academic elements of the test include familiarisation with the types of questions likely to be answered, and confidence to be able to tackle those problems head on. 

The Harrow Test is composed of the following elements: 

English and Maths Tests (1 hour) 

These tests are taken on a computer and take an hour to finish. It comprises five section: for the English, vocabulary, grammar and comprehension, and for a boy's numerical ability, mental arithmetic and problem solving. The test is timed and each section has a separate time allowance such that a boy has to use the time allocated for each specific section. 


English Writing (20 minutes) 

This is a straightforward assignment used very generally to check a boy's literary and writing ability. The school are looking for clear, accurate English - it is not an area to get overly fussed or concerned about. 

Visual Processing Speed Test

This is a short test assessing a boy’s ability to process visual information.

Two Interviews

One interview will be with a House Master and the other will be with a senior member of the Harrow teaching staff.  The aim of the interviews is to give a boy a chance to develop on his breadth of academics and an opportunity for candidates to showcase their interest in learning. A willingness to engage is the priority; senior schools are looking for a “zest for learning” and whether you are timid or confident, the point is to paint detail on your life, to outline your interests in a variety of subjects, and to show a willingness to engage in debate and give their opinion. Senior schools are not keen on boys who have been rehearsed or who have memorised template answers.

At Oppidan, we work on the basis that coaching children into reciting rehearsed template answers to questions is detrimental to their chances of a successful application. A relaxed approach in this area is vital to a proficient and rewarding interview experience. Interviews will involve poetry analysis, debates, thunks and picture analysis too all within the context of critical thinking.

Examples of Interview Questions:

  • Why do you want to come to this school?

  • What interests do you have outside of school?

  • What is your favourite subject?

  • Why do you like a particular subject?

  • What makes a good teacher?

  • Which books have you read recently?

  • How would your friends describe you?

  • What has been interesting you in the news recently?

Harrow Test Results

By the end of the first week of December of Year 7, an applicant is put on one of the lists below and is notified accordingly. Roughly 180 offers are given out for 160 places and some boys (about 30-40) are placed on a waiting list (no batting order.) An offer of a guaranteed place is contingent on an average of at least 65% overall at Common Entrance and a minimum of 60% across both English and Maths papers. 

Oppidan Partner with Forte Village

Oppidan is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with luxury Sardinian resort, Forte Village.

Winner of ‘World’s Leading Resort’ by World Travel Awards for the past 20 years, Forte Village joins a growing list of Oppidan Overseas venues. To learn more about Forte Village please click here.

Oppidan will be running a series of ad hoc workshops and educational activities, designed to engage children with great content such as business pitching, debate groups, quizzes, memory challenges, creative writing events and more, taking place around the resort.

Oppidan mentors also offer one-on-one support to children of all ages outside of the workshops. These sessions are charged as an extra through the resort.

Henry & Tom will be heading out to Forte Village on the 24th August 2019 for a week. Please do get in touch for further information regarding the partnership.