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Oppidan Young Leaders Programme

Oppidan has been running a Young Leaders Programme in which 16/17 year olds come and spend a week on work experience with the Oppidan team at Second Home. Garry wrote a brief article on his time with Oppidan.

I very much enjoyed my time in Oppidan Education’s Young Leaders Programme. It was one of the best work experiences that I could have hoped for. Henry and Walter and the entire Oppidan team were all incredibly welcoming and supportive.

During the week, I sat in on a variety of meetings as well as in some interviews for potential Oppidan mentors. It was great to see how the decision-making process was shared at Oppidan, and my opinions were often solicited and always valued.

The week was geared towards me understanding Oppidan’s business and generating ideas for a project that would lead to Oppidan’s growth and development. I was encouraged to bring the latest thinking from leading business schools into my analysis, which was a fantastic learning experience.

In the end, I proposed the launch of an Oppidan Junior Mentor’s programme and I presented my ideas to the Oppidan team on Friday. I was given valuable feedback, and I was honoured to be asked to continue working with Oppidan to implement my project. The project gave the week a great sense of purpose and urgency, making the week hugely productive for me (and hopefully for Oppidan).

The programme showed me Oppidan’s underlying ethos of mutual development and respect, and I was very impressed by how committed Henry and Walter were to making sure I got the most I could out of the experience, which is unsurprising given how committed they are to mentoring. I couldn’t recommend Oppidan’s Young Leaders Programme more highly.

By Garry

If you are in Year 11 to 13 and would like to apply for the Young Leaders Programme 2020 then keep an eye out for when applications open in January 2020! For more details, contact

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Oppidan at The Peligoni Club

Walter and Henry were thrilled to be back at The Peligoni Club this May half-term, running their revision study clubs and group workshops.

Our fourth year at the club, this week brought record numbers to the sessions; contending with the temptations to bask in the Ionian sea, catch a windsurf or kayak around the island, the children provided the proof that beaches and books really can go hand in hand on holiday.

For the children who hadn’t come before, a degree of cynicism ushered in their arrival: “it’s my holiday mum, revision is so boring!” Thus, we set the challenge – to stay for an hour and then let them leave if they so wish, their passport made. Fortunately, few crowns of convoy were handed out and we were delighted to work with such a troupe of eager learners.

We had 7-year-old Millie who delighted us with her readiness to write stories with Henry. Tom and Harry battled hard for the Dragons’ Den Business Prize only to be outdone by Jack and Oli’s masterful presentation – ice creams and honour, the prize for the victors.

A swathe of GCSE students would take on their revision together, levels of collaboration rarely seen before under the awning of the olive trees, whilst the younger children battled with Walter’s tennis-court maths, Henry’s poetry-skills workshop and endless science experiments and history tests.

This week in 2019 however brought, crucially, an extra dimension to the table. As important as helping children revise, we wanted to create a space at the club for children to be able to share together any issues and worries they felt they had. Talking through the same concerns and dealing with together the same problems teenagers face, we hope the sessions provided a leveller, a moment of reflection and a heartbeat of happiness with the realisation that the cool girl worries about the same thing that I do.

We look forward to returning in July.

Walter & Henry