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  • London School of Economics: MSc Inequalities and Social Science 1st Class Degree

  • University of Cambridge: BA Hons English 1st Class Degree

  • North London Collegiate School: A-Levels: History A*, Theatre Studies A*, Government & Politics A

Biography & Interests

I grew up in Muswell Hill in London where I attended North London Collegiate School. When I applied for my undergraduate, I was lucky enough to know exactly what I wanted to study, thanks to some fantastic humanities teachers at my school. I read English at Girton College, Cambridge where I was a choral scholar, and received a first, focusing in particular on American literature, Vladimir Nabokov’s early novels and Dylan Thomas’ poetry. Most of my time there was spent in rehearsal rooms, singing and acting.

After graduation, I undertook an internship in the theatre department of the literary agency Casarotto Ramsay & Associates, discovered it wasn’t for me and went as an au pair to Berlin where I became fluent in German and taught German children English. Since finishing an MSc in Inequalities and Social Science at the LSE, I've returned to classical singing and making shows that mash up Renaissance music and drama.

Experience & Approach

My mentoring experience has been focused on teaching English to non-native speakers in Germany, English language and literature in the UK from 11+ to A-level, as well as leading supervisions with first year undergraduates in practical criticism of literature at Cambridge. I’m also an experienced 11+ interviewer and have worked with over eighty children coming up to senior school.

At the advanced level, I aim to focus my mentoring on becoming comfortable with the process of analysing and constructing arguments from different angles. By providing students with the tools to tackle problems and questions in different ways, I hope to inspire confidence which goes beyond the immediate task at hand and can be applied in different contexts, across the humanities. Faced with entrance exams or university interviews nothing is more empowering than knowing that you understand what is being asked for and how to get there.

At the 11+ and GCSE level, the most valuable thing is finding ways to present ideas and concepts in the mentee's own language, so that they can begin to do the work of connecting things together by themselves. I love one-to-one mentoring because it gives the child the chance to learn at their own pace, and to understand more about their own feelings and attitudes towards learning.


“Camilla accomplishes her work with great initiative, very thoroughly and prudently. She is well organised and one can always rely on her. Through her open and warm manner, our children have taken her quickly into their hearts.” Mother of 16-year-old daughter, September 2018

“Five Stars! Thank you Camilla” Mother of 16-year-old boy, January 2019