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  • Oxford University: English Literature 2.1

  • Stonyhurst College: French A, History A*, English Literature A*


I was educated at Stonyhurst College before moving on to Christ Church, Oxford, where I studied English Literature and Language. Whilst at Oxford, I sang as a choral scholar with Worcester College Choir and travelled to Japan to perform in an OUDS production of Twelfth Night. In my third year, I specialised in early twentieth century British poetry and its relationship to art and continental literature. My dissertation looked at the connection between French poet St-John Perse and the early works of Auden and Eliot whilst my extended paper focussed on the art and writings of David Jones. Having graduated last summer, I now split my time between tutoring and working on my own business selling antique Japanese kimonos, a venture that brings together my interests in culture, art, and Japanese aesthetics.


Over my two years as a tutor, I have worked with a broad range of ages on a number of subjects. I have significant experience working with younger children (from 6 to 11) in both general studies and in preparation for school admissions. On the other end of the spectrum, I have helped students with History and English GCSEs and A Levels and have aided applicants to Oxbridge for the last three years.  I think the key to being a successful mentor is the ability to adapt to each student’s requirements. I take great care to tailor my approach and the techniques I use to suit the particular child or young adult I am working with. I am also a strong believer in positive reinforcement and building on students’ confidence through fun, engaging, and friendly sessions!


"I got home and he said without prompting, "mummy I really like my new tutor! I made up a completely inappropriate story!" So by all accounts you might have got the measure and definitely hit the spot!" - Mother of 8+ student

"She's really engaged and enthusiastic" - Mother of 8+ student