• Bristol University: Ancient History, 2:1
  • Eton College: A-Levels: Economics A, Politics A, History A


I grew up in a family full of fun with many wonderful siblings and lots of competition. Activity was always at our family core and I love all sports, cards games and travel. I have been working in business since leaving University, spending lots of time abroad, mainly in India and China. 


I have been a mentor at Greenhouse Sports Charity for the last 6 years and with Oppidan Education for the past six months, and really love to help children get deeper into or re-engage with a subject. I do not think that anything can be learnt without humour, fun and patience, but most of all, without a challenge. I'm currently working on two jobs with Oppidan, both prep-school aged children. 


"The boys met with Charlie and were very happy with how the session went. They told me he was cool and very tall, as tall as a tree. Thank you!" Mother of 8-year-old boys,  April 2018

"They both like Charlie a lot and are very stimulated by him. Leo last week took out his maths homework in the evening and was eager to show me his work on perimeters and areas...that’s a great sign." Mother of Year 4 boys, May 2018