• University of St Andrews: BA Psychology & Neuroscience (2:1)

  • Abingdon school: A Levels History (A), Economics (A), Philosophy & Ethics (B)

Biography & Interests

I studied Psychology at the University of St Andrews, throughout my degree I was particularly interested in developmental and child psychology. Specifically, how anxiety and depression during formative years can have a drastic impact on a child's attainment and happiness as they grow older.

Currently, I am setting up my own business, as well as training to become a Samaritan on the hotline.

I am a huge sports fan, with much of my time in secondary school spent taking buses on Wednesdays and Saturdays to sports matches. I still play football with my friendship group in a recreational league on Tuesdays. I also read a lot. I usually have one non-fiction and one fiction on the go at any time. Particularly enjoying anything related to astrophysics and virtual reality at the moment. My favourite book is The Count of Monte Cristo.

Experience & Approach

Since graduating I have worked as a teaching assistant for children with special needs. This experience has been invaluable to me. I have learned as much from these focussed one-to-one interactions as I had during my studies. My duties were focussed on four children in a year 5 class, each with differing needs. A majority of my time was spent using various SEN techniques to allow the pupils to flourish in a mainstream school. 

Being a mentor for Oppidan falls exactly in line with what the type of work I want to put out to the world - allowing children to get their life in order, both in school and out of it, to facilitate a happier, more fulfilled person in the long-term.