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  • Oxford University: Human Sciences 2:1

  • Washington International School: International Baccalaureate 44

Biography & Interests

I am currently a graduate medical student at King’s College London. During the week I split my time between lectures and the library, clinical placements in hospitals and general practice and the athletics track. In 2016 I graduated from St John’s College, Oxford with a BA in Human Sciences. I absolutely loved studying such a unique degree which took an interdisciplinary approach to the study of people through social science, human biology and scientific and statistical methods. During my time at Oxford I was President of the St John’s Junior Common Room and dipped in and out of a few sports, including rowing in the famous summer eights bumps races!

Before university I spent much of my teenage years moving back and forth between Edinburgh, New York City and Washington, DC. Moving around definitely provided academic and personal challenges, but studying the International Baccalaureate led me to broaden my academic interests and I am very grateful for the experience and perspective I gained from this slightly unconventional upbringing. I have a keen interest in mental health which has only increased through my experiences as a peer supporter at KCL and welfare officer at Oxford. Health and well-being are of utmost importance for all of us and I am genuinely excited to start work as a doctor in a few years.

Experience & Approach

Since leaving university I have worked for a top London mentoring agency and have taught students in sciences and maths. I have also supported students applying to Oxbridge and various medical schools around the country by providing help with personal statements and preparing them for admissions tests and interviews. I always like to go beyond the scope of a classroom and I encourage students to share their interests with me as I do with them. I’ll always send an email if I’ve come across some interesting reading material or a good documentary that I think they’d like.

Adolescence is a period of enormous transition and development, and students will often face academic and social pressures and anxieties for the first time. Confidence and self-esteem are vital to happiness and success, and I view mentoring as an opportunity to help students to develop both academically and personally. I always treat my students as young adults and aim to empower them to take responsibility for their life and learning, while providing the guidance and support necessary to help them succeed.