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  • University of St Andrews: MA in English Literature 2:1

  • Marlborough College: A Levels English, Latin and History

Biography & Interests

I have recently graduated from the University of St Andrews with an MA (Hons) in English Literature. I have been fantastically lucky throughout my academic career, being taught by John Burnside, Don Paterson, Jacob Polley, Carol Ann Duffy, Sean O'Brien and Adam O'Riordan. These writers have taught me to consider literature through many lenses and I feel that their influence puts me in the privileged position of being able to guide pupils responsibly through the astonishing world of words.

Alongside mentoring, I am currently pursuing a career in comedy writing. I have taken 6 shows up to the Edinburgh Fringe over the last 8 years and am now in the fortunate position of developing sitcoms with several production companies.

Experience & Approach

As a past tutee myself, I know from experience that the pupil's relationship with the subject at hand is not necessarily an easy one. I will always be grateful for my tutor's patience and inventiveness in making my weaker subjects so accessible to me when I was studying for 13+. His example is one I am determined to follow. I also know that many tutees will drop the subject at hand once their exams are over so I realise the importance of a tactical approach rather than a purist one. I am able to teach English in a way that keeps the exam in the forefront of the mind, picking up on clues that allow us insight into what the author might be trying to say. Furthermore, throughout my time as a student I have collected a host of novels and poems that lend themselves extremely well to being taught. Incidentally I am currently living with an English teacher so I have found myself reading current GCSE set texts.


“This was one of the best lessons I've ever assessed – and certainly the best poetry one. Christy's resources were excellently prepared based on my CV with an explicitly stated lesson objective. The lesson followed an excellent structure with lots of participation from me. The real star factor was the guiding and modelling that infused my ideas with that of the tutor's to move my learning on. Christy used clear visuals and modelled ideas with accurate vocabulary (e.g. homophones) making this an exemplary GCSE literature lesson. Teaching style was very engaging and self-assessment produced great ideas for an extended lesson.”

“My son absolutely loved his lessons with Christy, so much so that he is looking forward to some regular sessions of creative writing over the summer.” Mother of 9-year-old, May 2019