Cecilia very much enjoyed her time with Rory over half-term ! She always looked forward for the next visit and always came back from it very excited. I noticed overall the experience boosted her confidence and her excitement for writing. I generally loved the way the story writing has been introduced and developed within an enriching environment.

Mother of 8-year-old girl


Harry mentored my son in history and interview technique for scholarship examinations. My son really enjoyed the lessons that he had with him and we appreciated his friendly constructive approach which really engaged my son in the process and boosted his confidence for the interview when he really needed it . I would highly recommend him.

Alison, mother of 13-year-old boy


Henry has been an inspirational mentor to my son who is in his pre-test year. He has been positive and influential, helping him to mature in his thinking, to think outside the box and to organise his ideas in an intelligent and articulate manner.

Mother of Year-6 student


Thank you very much for the brilliant guidance and support you have shown Ed over the past two years. You’ve significantly enhanced him as a candidate whatever the end result. He is not over-prepared or over-tutored but simply mentored, and now more confident in himself. He now talks freely to adults about his interests where before he may have shied away from conversation. Ed also counts his mentor as his good friend, a testament to Oppidan’s unique approach.

Mother of Ed, Year-6 student


You can take direct credit and huge pride in what you have done for B, not only in achieving this stellar set of results (in his words, the best he could possibly have hoped to achieve) but also in a huge course correction of his perception about what he is capable of academically. This will be life-changing for him. Thank you for your belief in B and the personal care you all put in to helping him achieve his true potential, despite the fact that the system and circumstances were not in his favour.

Mother of GCSE student