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  • University of Oxford: Experimental Psychology – First Class Honours
  • The John Roan SchoolA Levels in Biology, History and Chemistry – A*A*A


I read Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, graduating in 2017. Whilst at Oxford, my main interest was supporting student wellbeing: I was the college Welfare Officer for two years and a Peer Supporter for three years. Since graduating, I’ve split my time between working as the Head of Education for a charity that works in schools to tackle LGBT+ victimisation, and working as an Honorary Psychology Research Assistant at King’s College London. I now plan to return to university to read Medicine, ultimately specialising in psychiatry or neurology. Outside of work, I’m taking Spanish lessons, and have an interest in mental and physical wellbeing: I’m part of a rowing team and practice mindfulness, yoga and resistance training regularly.


I have coached students to successfully apply to Oxford, providing both curricular and application support.When it comes to teaching, I believe in taking an approach that complements (rather than simply replicates) the lessons that mentees will have at school. I follow a Socratic method of teaching where preferred, helping mentees to come to their own answers rather than simply handing answers to them. This develops the critical faculties of my mentees, as well as teaching them to articulate their thoughts with confidence. This serves as good preparation for universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, who frequently employ this approach during both interviews and tutorials. I have both an academic and personal interest in mental health and wellbeing, and I am eager to integrate this interest into my mentoring where desired to ensure that my mentees can thrive in the face of occasionally daunting exams and applications.


"He is amazing. Thank you so much!" - Mother of A Level girl