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  • University of Nottingham: PGCE

  • University of St Andrews: English MA Hons 2:1

  • A Levels: A English, A History, A Art

Biography & Interests

I am a full-time English teacher. I love my job and my subject; it is a privilege to be able to engage with such rich texts every day and to encourage young people in their interpretation and expression. Alongside my English teaching, I aim to involve myself in as much sport as possible; including league hockey and cricket for a number of nomadic teams. I am a cricket-lover to the core and spend too much time listening to TMS. I am enjoying living in London for the many cultural opportunities on offer, particularly the galleries and theatres. Over the last ten years I have travelled widely and take pride in my ever-expanding collection of photographs. I also spend time reading, cooking for dinner parties and growing vegetables (mainly tomatoes).

Experience & Approach

Over the last seven years I have worked within the state and independent sectors (boarding and day). In my teaching, I have worked with a wide range of pupils, some with learning difficulties, some with English as a second language and some aiming for places at the most competitive universities in the UK and US. I have prepared pupils for 11+, Common Entrance, GCSE, A Level and IB examinations. In addition, I have two years’ experience preparing Oxbridge candidates for ELAT and interview. Like many teachers I am interested in how best to prepare pupils for assessment without killing their enthusiasm for the subject and school life (and life in general).


"The only element of "luck" in X meeting her Oxford offer was finding Digby. Without his excellent teaching, calm manners and inspiring attitude she would not have achieved an A (high A), especially in such a short period of time. The school prediction for English had been a D! We cannot thank Digby enough; X has always said 'he is a legend', that says it ALL." - parent from Digby’s school.

"Historically N’s difficulties in reading and spelling have made him a most reluctant reader and writer, but since joining Mr Don’s class this year there has been a complete change in attitude. N has found English lessons this year engaging and accessible and his family has noticed a willingness to try which was lacking previously.” - parent from Digby’s school.

“Mr Don has not only supported and encouraged N, but has worked with Learning Support so that their time really complimented what we are all trying to achieve for N. I would like to think that it is a great example of the parent-teacher-student relationship working effectively to support N in the best way." - parent from Digby’s school

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