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  • London School of Economics: MSc Environment and Development (in progress)

  • University of Oxford, St Catherine’s College: Geography BA (1st)

  • St Paul’s Girls’ School: Geography A*, German A, Spanish A, Mathematics A

  • St Paul’s Girls’ School: GCSEs 11 A*s


I have just returned to the UK after spending one year in Colombia, where I worked for both the Medellín City Council and an environmental consultant/project designer called South Pole. Alongside mentoring, I am studying for my Master's Degree at the LSE.

My principal interest, and the field in which I hope to work after completing my Master’s Degree, is sustainable development. As such a broad term, this encompasses socio-economic development, equality initiatives, environmental sustainability, civic participation, and climate change resilience, among other topics. I am also an avid reader and follower of current affairs, both nationally and internationally. Whenever possible, I take the opportunity to explore other cultures first-hand, travelling widely in Colombia and Central America.


I have worked as a mentor over the last two years and while I specialise in Geography, Spanish and Oxbridge applications, I am confident and competent at teaching a range of subjects up to and including GCSE level. I began my mentoring career at the University of Oxford, supporting students at various stages of their degree, as well as working for a private tutoring company. Prior to September 2018, I spent 11 months working for an environmental consultant in Colombia. This time solidified in my mind the importance of strong communication, as well as a personal understanding of how difficult it can be for an individual when they do not feel that they are being understood, or that they entirely understand a particular concept. I bring this empathy to my sessions with students, aiming to build both academic and personal confidence, whilst instilling a wider curiosity about the world.