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  • Cambridge University: Natural Sciences 2:1

  • Kettering Science Academy: A-Levels - Mathematics A*, Biology A, Chemistry A, Physics A, Further Mathematics A

Biography & Interests

I am a graduate from the University of Cambridge and have now been working as a mentor for 6 years. My main passion is science and I feel very lucky to have found a job that allows me to teach and mentor every day. I am a keen football fan and have always loved going to see games live and experience the buzz of the stadium. I also enjoy reading and cycling in my spare time.

Experience & Approach

I have been lucky enough to work with many students of varying ages from different countries around the world. These experiences have taught me so much about what is required to offer the best possible guidance and help to students. My approach is an extremely open-minded one as each student is different and I feel that being a good mentor requires an appreciation for each student’s individual needs.


'He loved Fabien and keeps asking when he’s coming back!' Mother of 8-year-old, January 2019

“We are very pleased with the tuition that our son has received from Fabien. He is more confident and has a greater understanding of what is required for him to achieve a good grade in his Biology exam.
Ronan is very pleased with the results that he is now achieving. Fabien is very professional, he always prepares and plans his lessons in advance. We highly recommend Fabien as a tutor.”
Father of Ronan, 2018

“After requests from my daughter for additional tutoring in mathematics and science, my wife and I were keen to find a tutor who was proficient in both subjects. We’re all very pleased that we came across Fabien. His knowledge of each subject and pro-activeness with arranging lessons has been greatly appreciated. Our daughter always comes away from her tutoring sessions keen to tell us what she has learnt, sometimes “buzzing” with her new found knowledge!" Mother of 16-year-old daughter, September 2018

“My sixteen year old son Rex has been taking maths tutorials, via Skype, with Fabien for the last two months.  After an initial consultation, when I found Fabien to be most professional, I left the two to work together.  Fabien is always punctual, organised and prepared for each lesson.

Rex reports him to be patient, explaining topics thoroughly and repeating explanations where necessary.  There is always a structure and at the end of each session Rex is comfortable that he has achieved.  Rex has been so happy with his Maths sessions with Fabien that he has requested further tuition in science subjects which I am happy to endorse.

I think it’s important to note that while the prospect of Skype lessons may be foreign to my generation, without any hesitation Rex would emphatically endorse the use of Skype for tutoring purposes. My intention in using a private tutor was to help Rex achieve his potential by clarifying areas that may have been a little hazy, but equally, to help him believe in his own ability.  There is no doubt in my mind that Fabien is helping Rex achieve both."

“Poppy found her sessions with him extremely helpful, and from my point of view he was very well organised and made sure they made the most of their time.” Mother of A-Level student, May 2019