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  • Cambridge University: Natural Sciences, 2.1

  • Kettering Science Academy: A Levels: Mathematics A*, Biology A, Chemistry A, Physics A, Further Mathematics A


I am a graduate from the University of Cambridge and have now been working as a mentor for 6 years. My main passion is science and I feel very lucky to have found a job that allows me to teach and mentor every day. I am a keen football fan and have always loved going to see games live and experience the buzz of the stadium. I also enjoy reading and cycling in my spare time.


I have been lucky enough to work with many students of varying ages from different countries around the world. These experiences have taught me so much about what is required to offer the best possible guidance and help to students. My approach is an extremely open-minded one as each student is different and I feel that being a good mentor requires an appreciation for each student’s individual needs.


'He loved Fabien and keeps asking when he’s coming back!' Mother of 8-year-old, January 2019