Greg Mostyn mentor with Oppidan education london.jpg


  • Oxford University: BA French and Spanish, graduating 2017. Predicted 2.1/1st

  • Eton College: D2 French, D2 Spanish, A* English Literature


I am a Modern Languages Student at Hertford College, Oxford. I am about to start my final year at the university, graduating in summer 2017. I am personable, ambitious and organised, and a natural communicator, being fluent in three languages. I am an avid music fan, and have been lucky enough to set up and manage two music businesses in my time at Oxford. Managing two different businesses has required me to be organised and dynamic through promoting the brand with chosen reps from Oxford University and Oxford Brooke’s. I am also a keen sports player, having played school and college rugby, cricket, football and tennis. I am currently focused on getting my handicap down on the golf course. Alongside sport and music, drama is my other main passion, having performed in several plays at school and university. My extra curricular activities allowed me to be elected as a prefect in my last year at Eton.


In my experience as a student I have always valued a hands-on approach. The teachers I really connected with at school were always those who were enthusiastic and sought to engage with me on a personal level. I felt that in the subjects where my teachers encouraged and nurtured me as a student I excelled. This is the approach I apply to my mentoring. In my experience as an Oppidan mentor and tutoring with other companies I always try to find the mutual interests between me and my mentee. For example, when I lived in Argentina on my year abroad teaching English, I taught a keen Breaking Bad fan. I decided to watch the first episode with him, without subtitles, and paused it at various points to pick out interesting vocabulary and to chat about the themes it brought up. I try to think out of the box to make my mentoring sessions as interesting as I can. My skills as a communicator allow me to connect with my mentees.