• University College London: MSc Psychological Sciences (ongoing)

  • University of Oxford, St Catherine’s College: BA Neuroscience 2:1

Biography & Interests

I am currently studying for a masters in Psychology at University College London, the first step along the path to becoming a psychologist. I did my undergraduate at Oxford and after my first year decided to specialise from Biomedical Sciences into Neuroscience.

Whilst studying takes up a large chunk of my time, I have always found time for sport. This mainly consists of going to the gym now but during my school years I represented my county in Netball and captained the School team, and at Oxford, I won blades in the 2015 Oxford Summer VIIIs. I also enjoy cooking, reading and, my most recent obsession, diving.

Experience & Approach

I first started teaching one-on-one during my undergraduate degree at Oxford University. During that time, I taught a 9-year-old who was significantly underachieving in Maths. I could see that he had potential but lacked enthusiasm and confidence. Therefore, I used his passion for computing to help him to see the real-world uses of maths and helped nurture his confidence by showing him again and again that he could reach the answer without my help and if he did say something that was “wrong” it didn’t matter.

This first experience has shaped my approach to teaching and is why I jumped at the opportunity to work at Oppidan - an agency that understands the importance of developing a child’s passion and confidence in helping them reach their potential.