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  • Bristol University: German 2:1

  • Eton College: A-Levels - History A, History of Art A, German A

Biography & Interests

I was educated at Ludgrove School (2003-2008), Eton College (2008-2013) and Bristol University (2013-2017). At Eton I specialised in English, German, history and history of art. I also won the Eton College Theatre Award for my contributions to acting and playwriting (consequentially I am able to assist drama students). I am still heavily involved with theatre. I took German for higher education at Bristol University and received an upper 2:1. In the long term I am looking to write stage plays and screenplays (both adapted from the plays and original material). A few years down the line, having gained the resources and experience, it is my aim to set up a company that produces work in both media.

Experience & Approach

I have tutored all the subjects listed in my information with the exception of drama (although I have a great deal of experience in this area). I also attended Eton College and have helped with the admissions test for various students. This included interview practice. In addition, I have received personal statements which I have edited and discussed with university candidates face to face (most recently I helped a student with a statement for LSE. Her application was successful!) When I teach I like to keep things as interactive as possible. I will consistently ask a student to repeat back information or even better to retell it in their own words or in the form of a story that makes sense to them.


"Harry was extremely helpful and had very well-prepared interview topics." Mother of Year-6 Boy at Summer Fields, February 2018 

"Wonderfully fun and engaging." Mother of 8-year-old girl, April 2018 

"Harry mentored my son in history and interview technique for scholarship examinations . My son really enjoyed the lessons that he had with him and we appreciated his friendly constructive approach which really engaged my son in the process and boosted his confidence for the interview when he really needed it . I would highly recommend him." Alison, mother of 13-year-old boy, May 2018

"Harry was excellent and George really liked him and found the lesson very helpful. He found the test challenging, but said that Harry had been a great help and in particular had taught him a maths ‘trick’ that proved very helpful! " Mother of Year 7 boy, June 2018

"You can take direct credit and huge pride in what you have done for B, not only in achieving this stellar set of results (in his words, the best he could possibly have hoped to achieve) but also in a huge course correction of his perception about what he is capable of academically. This will be life-changing for him. Thank you for your belief in B and the personal care you all put in to helping him achieve his true potential, despite the fact that the system and circumstances were not in his favour." Mother of GCSE student, August 2018

“The time was structured and fun and my son learnt a lot in the time he was with Harry. Thank you!” Father of 3 boys, (15, 12 and 9-years-old) November 2018

“We found Harry articulate and keen to impart knowledge to our boys.” Mother of 2 boys (13 and 11-years-old) December 2018