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  • Bristol University: English Literature 2:1

  • Rugby School: A-Levels - English Literature A, History A, Theatre Studies A

Biography & Interests

I am a mentor, actor and writer living in London but originally from the countryside. Because of this, my favourite London spots tend to be the lovely green spaces- particularly Hampstead Heath Swimming Ponds (preferably in the summer). You can usually find me with my nose in a book somewhere or desperately trying to convince myself that £4.50 is a reasonable price to spend on a single coffee (turns out I’m very convincing). Although my sporting abilities are minimal, I am a keen skier and rock climber and aim to find as many sports as possible that don’t involve catching or kicking balls. I work freelance in social media marketing, copy-editing and script reading for companies like ITV, while also working on my own creative projects.

Experience & Approach

I come from a family of educators and have been mentoring for the last three years in London (and previously in Bristol and Oxford). My approach to teaching is always tailored and focuses on inspiring curiosity in the subject and encouraging students to reach their full potential. I am Educare Level 2 qualified and have extensive experience in 11+ and 13+ entrance tests. My work with Oppidan on many of their workshop days focusing on public speaking and interview techniques has both informed and confirmed my beliefs that lessons should be fun, focused, creative and engaging; guiding the student to discover the tools to figure things out. Just as every person is different, every person learns differently and that is something to be valued and celebrated rather than overlooked.

My mentoring has spanned from building up the confidence of four year olds before starting school to helping mature students with their degrees. I largely specialise in English, Drama and writing. I focus on finding a tailored approach for learning, one that often will not be found within a classroom or curriculum. I have found this is key to each person's learning; it re-engages their curiosity and builds their confidence.


‘Harry was the best tutor I have ever had for my kids. He makes learning fun which is most important and gets students genuinely interested. He keep the atmosphere light and engaging. He is indeed the best I have ever had.’ Mother of 13-year-old, August 2018

‘We really enjoy our classes with Harry, they are interesting and funny at the same time!' November 2018

“He felt confident in himself as he was used to answering questions and felt like he knew what was expected of him and was less fearful of talking. I think your praise and encouragement made him much more confident and he went in there feeling positive. I was pleasantly surprised and whatever the outcome, I feel happy with the progress A has made and the credit goes to you for getting him here.” Mother of 11+ interview student, September 2019