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  • University of Oxford, Christ Church College: Classical Archaeology & Ancient History 2:1

  • Wallington County Grammar School: A Levels - English Literature A*, Mathematics A*, Classical Civilisations A

Biography & Interests

After finishing my degree at Oxford this summer, I immediately began working as a mentor to over 300 children on 'The Oxford Tradition' summer school. Since then, alongside mentoring, I have begun writing a script and composing music for a play that I plan to take to the Edinburgh Fringe in either 2019 or 2020, this is a complete passion project for me.

I am very passionate about writing and music is something that has been a huge part of my life and goes hand-in-hand with one of my favourite pursuits - attending the theatre. I am also a keen sportsman, playing Lacrosse, Football, Table Tennis, Squash and Ultimate Frisbee when and where I can.

Experience & Approach

Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to have always experienced fantastic teaching and dedicated teachers. I have always felt appropriately challenged, yet utterly comfortable in the knowledge that help was only a question away, should I need it. As a result, this relaxed yet rigorous style is something I strive to emulate in my own teaching, for I truly believe that a successful mentor must be able to walk the tightrope between ensuring clear, tangible progress with a student, whilst maintaining a spirited, fun and comfortable atmosphere at all times.

My approach is, as far as possible, tailored to the needs of the individual student - for every learner is unique and develops themselves best through varying techniques and conditions. I encourage students to find their own ways to solutions, something I feel is critical in empowering their mind, building their confidence, and developing their scholastic voice, but I equally urge students to ask questions at any point during the session and that 'no question is a bad question'. My primary role, therefore, is to act as an academic catalyst - offering tools, tricks and tailored strategies to render this learning process both more efficient (saving time) and more effective (reducing errors). My secondary (though just as crucial) role, however, is to also fulfil a mentor role for each student, whereby I strive to boost confidence levels and self-worth. It is this latter purpose that truly connects me personally to my role as a mentor.


“We are absolutely delighted with Henry. Besides from being a lovely person and mentor to our son, he always completes thorough research on new strategies and techniques to help best prepare our son for his 11+ exams. Charlie always looks forward to seeing Henry and he really enjoys their sessions. The positive exam results are showing already and I am feeling a lot more confident of Charlie’s abilities.” Sinead, Mother of Year 7 student, January 2018

“There’s good Tutors, and there’s great Tutors. Henry is at the forefront of the latter. From the second he walked in, both my twins were engaged, involved and excited by his teaching methods - and within 4 weeks the scores on their tests had drastically improved. My girls used to complain about science all the time, but now they have nothing but fascination for the topic. The turnaround had been astonishing, and we are so grateful for Henry’s kind and humble manner.” Greg, Father of Year 10 twins, January 2018