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  • Durham University: English and Philosophy (2.1)
  • Eton College: A Levels English (A), History (A), RS (A), Latin (A)


I became very interested in academic work during my time as an undergraduate in English and Philosophy at Durham, where I read very widely alongside playing tennis for the University team. After graduating I then spent two years in the world of professional tennis, both playing and working as an assistant coach and sports psychologist. I am now pursuing writing and academia, and am currently combining my work as a mentor with developing the ideas for a novel, as well as preparing my research for a postgraduate degree in the Philosophy of Psychology at King’s College.


Both my studies and experiences (in sport and education) have led me to the clear conclusion that people thrive when they are empowered to develop their autonomy through being related to in an empathetic and respectful way by the authority figures who are entrusted with their development. My approach to teaching is therefore to take responsibility for helping identify my student’s core strengths, and then communicating with them in the way which I perceive will most effectively bring this out. 


"Since working with Henry, there has been a significant improvement in both her performance and enthusiasm levels. Henry is a subject matter expert, who carefully aligns his tuition with the specific requirements of the coursework. I have been impressed by his positive approach and energy levels. I have already recommended Henry to other parents and would have no hesitation in doing so again." Father of A Level student