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  • King’s College London: Masters in Philosophy

  • Durham University: English and Philosophy 2:1

  • Eton College: A-Levels - English A, History A, RS A, Latin A

Biography & Interests

I became very interested in academic work during my time as an undergraduate at Durham, where I read English Literature and Philosophy, and wrote a dissertation on the importance of autonomy to emotional well-being, alongside playing tennis for the University 1st team. After graduating I then spent two years in the world of professional tennis, where I played, studied coaching theory, and worked as both an assistant coach and sports psychologist. Alongside my work with Oppidan Education, I have just completed a Masters degree in Philosophy at King’s College London.

Experience & Approach

I have been working at Oppidan Education for the last two years, undertaking a number of jobs (18) ranging from helping boys and girls through the 11+ with a focus on English, Maths and Reasoning, to mentoring children online through 13+ and GCSEs, all the way to working with future undergraduates on their personal statements and applications to university. I am fully DBS qualified and have completed 250+ hours of teaching experience with Oppidan Education.

I believe that everyone has the potential to thrive both personally and professionally with the right guidance and support. My studies and experiences (in both sport and education) have led me to a clear conclusion that helping young people achieve such holistic success depends on empowering them to develop autonomy as the basis for directing their lives. The external pressures of the education system often undermine this, however, with the constant testing and emphasis on results at ever younger ages leading to a fear-based model which diminishes sustainable long-term motivation by sapping enthusiasm and creativity. Negotiating this system is unavoidable, however, and so the challenge is to help students develop the core skills that they will need to navigate it, in ways that are inwardly productive for them. 


"Since working with Henry, there has been a significant improvement in both her performance and enthusiasm levels. He is a subject-matter expert, who carefully aligns his tuition with the specific requirements of the coursework. I've been impressed by his positive approach and energy levels. I have already recommended Henry to other parents and would have no hesitation in doing so again." Father of A-Level student, April 2018

"I got an A* in History so I’m really happy and the work paid off! Thank you for all your help with the subject." A Level Student, August 2018

“You’ll be pleased to hear that Walter got an A for his History CE for King’s College. Super happy - thanks again for your help” Mother of Walter, CE History student, January 2019

“Thomas says Henry has been amazing. He literally saved his theology. Without him he would have been unable to answer the 25 Mark question. He was ridiculously useful!” Pre-U student, Mother of 18-year-old, April 2019

“We like Henry very much and his approach to engage Liv with reading and writing.” Mother of Liv, 11+ English student, May 2019

"Henry has been great in the last 2 sessions . You could see he cares about his students greatly and is very nurturing in his way of mentoring. I look forward to the next sessions to come.” Mother of Nico, 11+ English student, June 2019

“Henry has been very diligent in his approach to preparing M for his ISEB. M is responding very positively and we are on track.” Father of 11+ student, September 2019

Henry always sees the best in you and helps you to build a plan to achieve your goals. He is very intuitive and a wonderful listener. Most importantly, he has helped guide me to surround myself with people who believe in what I want to achieve with my tennis.” Jonathan Binding (professional tennis player, current number 425 in ATP doubles rankings), September 2019

She really enjoyed the revision course she went to today - but came home saying that it showed Henry is her best teacher! Thought you’d like to know that.” Mother of a 13+ student, October 2019

Henry is very professional, knows the tools given by the school. The lessons are going very well. T is happy.” Mother of 11+ student, October 2019