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We feel very fortunate to have come across your mentoring. The level of engagement, and depth of experience was significantly greater than anything we’ve ever come across before.

Mother of A-Level Student

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Academic Mentoring 

Our aim is to help students to develop their potential, specifically in the context of helping them to secure the best education commensurate with their abilities. Our mentors act as sources of support to a child outside the family and provide a guiding and directive role in a child’s development. Throughout life, curiosity, confidence and spark are all highly valued. Our mentors work hard to foster these characteristics and to help your child enjoy their time in education.

Children are wonderfully diverse and the way they learn best differs case by case.  As such, pairing each child with a mentor is a thoughtful and methodical process and one that requires diligence and sensitivity. The key is the fit: to find a mentor that works with your child as an impartial yet fully engaged part of their education. Once your child looks forward to their time spent with a mentor, the toughest barrier is broken and both independence and enjoyment can be found in their sessions together. 

 A Mentor's Role  

  • Improves a child’s confidence and engagement with their learning.

  • Fuels a child’s interest in their learning.

  • Lets the child take an active interest in their studies

  • Provides one-on-one academic support for specific subjects

  • Manages and resolves personal and pastoral concerns

  • Creates detailed academic goals and delivers regular progress feedback.

  • Facilitates decision of subject choices and liaises with schools on behalf of parents.


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