• King's College London: History and War Studies BA (in progress)

  • A Levels: History A*, Philosophy A*, Economics A

Biography & Interests

I'm in my first year of studying History and War Studies at King's College London. While my studying takes up a significant portion of my time, rugby has been a passion I've pursued into university. From playing at a high level locally to university level - the structure and regime sport has brought to my life has been invaluable. 

Debating also played a major role in my life outside of traditional academia, which I pursued through my school club. Debating allowed me to take my passion for current affairs, and the subjects I studied, into a sociable and challenging environment. There's no better form of learning a subject, than having to take an argumentative position; whether or not it's a position you agree with. 

Experience & Approach

I thoroughly enjoyed my schooling and education throughout primary and secondary school, however, this didn't always translate to the best grades. The subjects I was incredibly passionate about, I did well at; while subjects that didn't spark my interest I paid less attention to. While relatively quiet and lacking in confidence, I was always incredibly keen to learn; as long as I was engaged and passionate.

Growth in confidence came through Rugby and Debating as previously mentioned, and this was massively instrumental in improving my academic performance. This newfound confidence and self-belief enabled me to take pride in my learning, and be able to question not only within the classroom, but also in a more general, intellectual sense. Confidence was key, and this is how I hope to structure my mentoring. Inspiring intellectual curiosity and building confidence are the essential foundations to learning. When passionate and interested, homework and academia turns into a past time rather than a chore.

The difference key characters in my life, when I lacked in confidence, made by fighting my corner and allowing me to speak freely about topics that challenged and interested me was astronomical. This personal experience speaks a huge amount as to why I so readily took the opportunity to work at Oppiden - a holistic approach to learning, starting with soft skills and confidence, is a world different to strict, boring learning.