• King's College London: History and War Studies BA (in progress)

  • A Levels: History A*, Philosophy A*, Economics A

Biography & Interests

I'm in my first year of studying History and War Studies at King's College London. While my studying takes up a significant portion of my time, rugby has been a passion I've pursued into university. From playing at a high level locally to university level - the structure and regime sport has brought to my life has been invaluable. 

Debating also played a major role in my life outside of traditional academia, which I pursued through my school club. Debating allowed me to take my passion for current affairs, and the subjects I studied, into a sociable and challenging environment. There's no better form of learning a subject, than having to take an argumentative position; whether or not it's a position you agree with. 

Experience & Approach

I currently have seven jobs that I do with Oppidan, ranging from helping Y6 and Y7 children with preparation for independent senior schools including Harrow, Eton and Winchester. My specialist subjects for KS2 include English and Maths - for both girls and boys, I have worked from 8-13. I also specialise in History and am currently working with students preparing for their A Levels next year. Lastly, I have spent over 50 hours in the last few months working on interview prep, both in the UK and residential jobs abroad.

I thoroughly enjoyed my schooling and education throughout primary and secondary school, however, this didn't always translate to the best grades. The subjects I was incredibly passionate about, I did well at; while subjects that didn't spark my interest I paid less attention to. While relatively quiet and lacking in confidence, I was always incredibly keen to learn; as long as I was engaged and passionate.

The difference key characters in my life, when I lacked in confidence, made by fighting my corner and allowing me to speak freely about topics that challenged and interested me was astronomical. This personal experience speaks a huge amount as to why I so readily took the opportunity to work at Oppidan - a holistic approach to learning, starting with soft skills and confidence, is a world different to strict, boring learning.


“The twins have been spending some pre C.E. time with Issy and they adore him.  We are so delighted to have discovered you  - such a fresh approach to studying and the kids are blossoming in confidence and energy as a result. To them all, it’s now cool to study!” Mother of 13-year-old twins, May 2019

“My son learned so much with Issy. He loved their Skype sessions - not a murmur or complaint about having to revise. He grew in confidence so much on the topics covered and is actually looking forward to the exam and doing well.” Mother of 13-year-old, May 2019