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  • UCL: English Literature 1st Class Degree

  • UCL: MA English Literature

  • Rugby School: A-levels - English Literature A*, History A, Maths A, Economics A

  • Honorary Academic Scholarship from Rugby School

Biography & Interests

I grew up between Monaco and London and was educated at Rugby School. Having graduated from UCL in 2015, I have now returned for an MA in modern and contemporary literature which I will finish in the summer. Since first graduating I have been tutoring in London and following my interest in the arts by writing for a variety of publications on subjects that have included art, music, fashion and literature. Alongside the seemingly finer arts, my other passion is football. I play every week and am a big Arsenal fan. Other sports I enjoy are tennis and swimming.

Experience & Approach

I have been tutoring in London for over two years now and predominantly worked with students taking the 11+ for entry into schools that have included Godolphin and Latymer, City of London and Whitgift. Having said that, my experience has also seen me tutoring essay technique for new undergraduates and even working in a youth prison. If this has taught me anything, it is that each student is different and the best tuition is tailored accordingly. My approach to tutoring is always to take the time to get to know a student and to work together to find out how to make the sessions as effective and engaging as possible.


"He has been punctual, courteous, and most importantly very engaging with Nicolai who somewhat surprisingly given his track record with history said the lessons were fun." - Mother of Nicolai, Year-6 boy, October 2018

"Nathan really looks forward to seeing Jan and is always happy afterwards and he often talks of the play they read together. Jan has recommended Greek myths and Nathan is greatly enjoying reading these. The mentoring is a huge success.Thank you so much for recommending Jan for Nathan, Darren and I feel it was a real success." Mother of Nathan, Year-5 boy, November 2018