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  • Oxford School of Drama

  • The University of Manchester: BA History and Economics

  • Blundell’s School, A Levels: History, Economics, Drama (Music AS)


I have recently graduated from the Oxford School of Drama, a top acting school in the middle of the Oxfordshire country side. Although small, reclusive and slightly odd, it is one of the UK’s foremost Drama schools. Most recently, I was in a production of Richard III at the Camden Fringe which finished in August and prior to that, I was the lead in a production at the Theatre 503. 

Before turning to acting, I graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in History and Economics – there I specialised in 20th century English political history. Outside of my theatrical interests, I enjoy cycling, running and painting. My paintings often take their inspiration from those 20th Century politicians I wrote about at Manchester.


Today it's quite rare for young people to interact with adults who are neither their teachers nor their family. Yet that is often exactly what a young mind needs. In my first years following drama school, I began working with a company called 'sharky and george'. I found I enjoyed working with children and teenagers in a capacity that wasn't constricted to a school-based learning system. Since then, I have seen young people come out of their shell and enjoy learning, sometimes without even realising that that is exactly what they are doing.

It's so important for young people to develop relationships with grown-ups who can build their confidence and allow them to blossom as individuals. My approach is to bolsterer their self-esteem by offering that much-needed addition to the school-based learning environment.


'Jeremy was superb, gave it everything he had all day long and the children loved having him around’ Rupert Kenyan