Jess Mundy.jpeg


  • Oxford University: Human Sciences (2:1)
  • A Levels:  English Literature, Geography, Psychology (A*,A*,A*) and AS Biology (A)


I am 23 years old and currently living partly in Oxford, and partly in Surrey. I have just graduated from the University of Oxford where I studied Human Sciences - which includes an eclectic range of subjects such as genetics, sociology, physiology and demography. My favourite subject was the Anthropology of Japanese Society. I love being active, and whilst at Oxford I competed at national level for the Cheerleading Squad, and rowed and played netball for my college.


I have been teaching Maths and English to students since 2012, of varying ages and academic abilities. I find teaching and mentoring children extremely rewarding, and take great enjoyment from being part of their academic journeys. My mentoring approach is very patient and encouraging. I believe that the key to success is a love of learning and self-belief. I always aim to boost confidence and be as motivating and supportive for my students as possible. I aim to make lessons fun and engaging, and to find new and interesting ways of tackling tricky concepts or hurdles. My main speciality is 11+; I have had lots of experience teaching the four components of 11+ (English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning) and am extremely confident in preparing children for forthcoming examinations.


"Jess was absolutely brilliant! Young (highly accomplished for her age!) fun, intelligent and a delight to have. Such a wonderful match. You really have a knack at finding and combining the right people. Matilde was very happy. She is our toughest judge and she came skipping out after a good 2 1/2 hour work session!!" Mother of Matilde. 

"Jess has been amazing!! We've really loved having her - she got on brilliantly with both children. I've let her her know and offered to provide a reference if she needs one for any prospective clients. Thanks so much for finding her and setting up the sessions." Julia, mother of 11+ daughter.