• University of Oxford: PPE 2:1

  • Westminster Schools: A Levels - Economics A*, RS A*, History A*, Mathematics A

Biography & Interests

I was educated at Westminster School, and read PPE at Oxford, graduating in June 2016. As one of three brothers, I’m very used to being in a boisterous atmosphere and being around lots of young people. After graduating, I did a brief 6 month spell in the House of Commons before starting my own company in March 2017. I raised a Seed Round for my company, and am growing it - but continue to mentor on the side. Outside of this, I've written three full length plays and was part of the team who put one on, while also performing in it. I was heavily involved in theatre at Oxford, being in 7 OUDS plays, and a member of the Oxford Revue - and I have kept this passion up since leaving by writing and performing in my spare time. I also training regularly in Karate and am a 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

Experience & Approach

I believe the role of a mentor is to engage a student in a way that a school teacher can’t – through going beyond the school curriculum and showing the value in learning, I am to instil others with the passion for academia that I was given by my tutors. Self-motivation is critical for success, and I believe that through the energy I bring to the role, I can help show how learning is more than about jumping through hoops – through recognising its value, students are far more likely to work hard at their studies. I have previously taught Maths up to 18, though I tend to focus on essay-based subjects. In particular history, RS, and economics up to A level. I also particularly enjoy preparing for entrance exams to Schools and Universities.


“All great with Keelan thanks so much actually I would like to adopt him. Hopefully Ed’s exams went well they obviously went miles better than they would have done without Keelan and of course the whole experience was fun and achievable rather than a worry and a battle.” Mother of A-Level student, April 2018

“WOW! What a FANTASTIC kick start to philosophy with Keelan yesterday! Bash already feels more confident even after two hours with his teaching, so glad we have finally found someone who I think is going to able to support Bash. Bravo!!” Mother of A-Level student, March 2019

“Keelan was really personable from the start and Tam got on well with him. He was able to relate to him and I feel there has been a turnaround in Tam’s attitude after his sessions with Keelan. Keelan was able to pinpoint Tam’s interests very quickly and took the time to get to know his likes and dislikes. He was encouraging and positive and Tam looked forward to his sessions with Keelan.” Mother of 14-year-old, May 2019