• University of Bristol: BA Politics 1st Class Degree

  • Colfes School: A Levels - History A*, English A, Biology A

Biography & Interests

I am currently studying for a masters in Urban Design and City Planning part-time at the Bartlett School at UCL. I am also the Co-chair of the RUSS board and the Director of an online gallery, (In)Space, I launched in March this year. As you can see, I am particularly interested in politics, design and the arts and how they influence each other. I also speak French and am trying to find opportunities to practice it.'

Experience & Approach

I had the opportunity to develop my skills as a mentor this summer in Paris where I worked with French business people to develop their English. The approach I used centred on getting students to speak and lead the conversation within the confines of lessons structured to communicate certain learning points. For example, a student may talk about their last family holiday but within that I would prompt them to use certain forms of the past tense and improve their understanding of English grammar. This reflects my belief more widely that education is most effective when it relates to a student's personal interests and therefore fosters a love of learning that can be turned towards any subject.