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  • Oxford University: English Literature, 2.1

  • Twice winner of the yearly English prize at St Paulโ€™s Girlsโ€™ School (2011, 2013)


I graduated from Oxford in 2016 in English Literature and I am currently doing a masters in Social and Cultural Anthropology at UCL. I also studied Latin and Greek for a-level. Beyond academics, I am an aspiring playwright, who has had five plays performed both in London and at Edinburgh Fringe, as well as the producer and editor of my own radio show about the environment at UCL. I also work as an intern at the Times Literary Supplement, which has provided me with professional level editing skills and allows me to continue absorbing myself in academic and literary material. 


I have been tutoring for the last four years and have extensive experience in 11+, 13+ and common entrance examination practice, as well as A-level and GCSE support in English Literature, Classics and Social Sciences and more general support in homework, reading and creative writing. I also taught Latin to primary school students once a week as a teenager. Equally I am lucky enough to have a seven year old niece, who I help with homework and take on trips as often as possible. For me, the most important aspect of mentoring - and the one that gives me most pleasure - is to expand beyond my students' syllabuses and inspire them in their studies. I don't believe that there is a single approach to mentoring that suits all students, so I like to really get to know the child I am working with and tailor the sessions towards them and their interests. It means a great deal to me to get to play a part in alleviating some of the pressures children are under at school, and in the past I have found that my relaxed and generous manner really helps to build my students' confidence.


"Lamorna was a lovely girl who Millie quickly took to. She seemed to take on board Lamorna's tips so that is very helpful.We all liked her. Thank you for sending her." Mother of Year-7 Girl. 

"She was an absolute pleasure to have around. I could not think of a nicer house guest. David liked her very much." Father of David, Year-7 Boy. 

"Eddie has really enjoyed his sessions with Lamorna, she has been a great help with both English and his interview practice.  We think she is ACE!" Mother of Year 5 boy, June 2018.

โ€œLamorna has been fantastic. Alfie built up a great rapport with her on the Oppidan Camp this summer, and it is wonderful to see how sparky he is in her company. She is brilliant at making their sessions fun and interesting. She has a wonderful way with children and has also been very supportive to Poppy who is 17 and in Upper 6th. She recommended a very good book for Poppy to read whilst researching for her Personal Statement. She encouraged Poppy to email her with any questions (Poppy is not always very good at asking for help!) and gave her some really constructive feedback for the PS. She would be an amazing teacher!โ€ Mother of 11-year-old boy, October 2018