Laurence mentor with Oppidan education london.png


  • St Andrews University: MA Joint Hons. in History and Management, 1st

  • Sevenoaks School: International Baccalaureate (44/45): High Level: Economics, History German. Low Level: Physics, Mathematics, English


An Englishman born in Austria, Laurence grew up in tropical Costa Rica till he was 15, then went to boarding school at Sevenoaks to do the IB (achieving 42/45). He went on to study at St Andrews University, graduating with a First Class MA Joint Honours in History and Management, also taking time to dabble in the Army and in television. He starred in BBC3’s World’s Toughest Jobs, earning him the flattering title, ‘King of the Cows’ as the only participant not to get fired following hard work as a cowboy in Australia. His work experience is equally colourful, peppered with entrepreneurialism - beyond television, he’s worked for the International Chamber of Commerce, helped start a luxury real estate company in Spain, worked at the Vatican, taught Critical Thinking at Dulwich College, and launched a highly successful crêperie at university with his bestie. He has left high-profile venture capital firm Rocket Internet in order to focus on his own startup (Survivor), going back to tutoring as fulfilling way of making ends meet.


A key concern is making each subject exciting and approachable, weaving a narrative and purpose into every learning objective, which makes it both interesting to the student, and relatable to other topics the student will encounter. In terms of experience, I have been working with Oppidan for the past 18 months. This work has involved running London days out for 7-11 year olds, as well as more focused GCSE and A Level support across a range of humanities. Also, I was a critical thinking teacher at Dulwich College (Global Young Leaders Programme) during the Summer 2017 and have run bespoke programmes for history, etiquette, topics in management & economics.