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  • Oxford University: Jurisprudence, 2.1

  • UCL: LLM in International Financial Law and Military Law (Merit)

  • University of Michigan: Telluride Association Summer Programme (TASP)

  • SOAS: Mandarin Classes at Upper Intermediate Level

  • Wycombe Abbey School: A-Levels: Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Biology A*, Chemistry A*, Art A*

  • Wycombe Abbey: Headmistress Prize for Academic Achievement


I grew up in Paris and Montreal. I then went to boarding school and university in England. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time working and studying abroad in China and Vietnam. My international background helps me connect with students who grew up between different countries or find the transition to English schools and universities challenging. I have spent a lot of time volunteering in schools, refugee camps and community projects: Care4Calais, l’Ecole des dunes, Right for Education, Detroit Community Gardens, Ann Arbor Arboretum, Maplewood School High Wycombe, Free the Children. I like learning languages: French (fluent), English (fluent), Mandarin (Intermediate), Spanish (Conversational), Russian (Beginner). In my spare time, I also like to go hiking solo and see where my steps take me: Santiago de Compostela, Bowfell Lake District, Aral Desert, Scottish Highlands, Pigeon Valley trail Cappadocia, Songshan mountain, Huanghuacheng hike.


I have worked as a full time tutor since 2015, and have experience with the following levels: KS3, GCSE, A-level, University, school applications, university applications (Oxbridge/UK/US), residential tuition. I tailor my lessons to each student. I focus on understanding how they learn, what interests them, and adapt my teaching method to their personal needs. Some students need to boost their confidence, some benefit from improving their work ethics and following a clear revision schedule. Some students had bad teachers at school and need to revisit in depth the more difficult topics on the syllabus. Sometimes it’s a bit of everything! My job is to create a strong trust relationship with the student, where they feel comfortable raising any issues or fears they may have.


“We all absolutely loved Leonore. She was so adorable, clever, patient and what’s more, the twins would love her to come back in April!” - Mother of 16-year-old twin girls, March 2017 

"She was charming. Ellie said she was great! Very focused and direct. They got loads done and they seemed to get on well so....all good!" - Mother of Ellie, 16 year old girl, August 2017 

"She was great. I really liked her and I thought  she completely got it and was brilliant at taking control and ignoring/wasn't phased by Daisy's initial reticence which is just the right way to go." Mother of Daisy, November 2017 

"Leonore is fantastic. She’s everything you said and more." Father of A Level boy, April 2018 

"Extraordinary" Mother of GCSE Student, April 2018