• National Council for the Training of Journalists: Journalism Diploma (current)

  • University of St. Andrews: MA (Hons) in English Literature

  • St. Mary’s School, Ascot: English (A), History of Art (A), Theatre Studies (A)

Biography & Interests

When I graduated university in 2013 I was torn between pursuing a career in journalism and working with children. I still haven’t really decided so have spent the last few years trying to do one alongside the other! My first graduate job was half editorial work for a hotel in Spain and half nannying for the owner’s grandchildren. I then moved to an interior design firm managing all their Press and PR, but spent my spare time teaching. Most of this was for children for whom English is a second language so I have some experience of the extra demands placed on bilingual children.

I’m currently studying towards a journalism diploma as well as working as the Editor of a well-known blog. My hobbies include travelling whenever possible, indulging my inner bookworm and going to gigs with my Mum.

Experience & Approach

I believe that a great mentor is a careful listener who has endless amounts of kindness and unwavering patience. Having had tutors myself, I fully understand the importance of a trusting and fun relationship between mentor and child, and look to cement this early on in all of my jobs. Encouraging someone out of their shell can have a transformative effect on a child’s life and the impression that a good mentor has can last well into adulthood.

I specialise in mentoring children for whom English isn't a first language, from as young as four years until 13+ age. My experience includes 11+, 13+ ISEB and public school entrance exams as well as a range of subjects up to 11+ and English and Theatre Studies up to A Level.


"Thank you for everything you did for Lalin in London. We hope to see you next time we are there." Mother of 4-year-old, 2018
"We think about you very fondly and we would love to see you this summer if you are at all available." 2018