• St George's University of London: Medicine (in progress)

  • Cambridge University: BA in Classics 2.1

  • Sevenoaks School: IB 44/45, HL in Chemistry, Latin and Economics, SL in English, Maths Studies, Biology

Biography & Interests

While studying Classics at university I realised that medicine was the vocation I wished to pursue (having been put off applying for a medical degree in sixth form). I set about quickly studying the biology, chemistry and physics material needed for a graduate entry entrance medicine exam (GAMSAT), and now have a place on the Graduate Entry Programme at St George’s. My ambition is to ultimately work within the field of Global and Women’s Health, with a particular focus on humanitarian projects and policy-making. Outside my teaching and studying, my interests include yoga, archaeology, vegan cookery, reading and politics.

Experience & Approach

I have provided one-to-one support to a number of students over the last few years from KS3 to A-Level standard in various subjects including English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Latin and History. My tailored support enables me to develop each student’s knowledge, technique and confidence prior to exams, successfully improving upon predicted grades in final GCSE and A-Level assessments.

My passion for both the arts and sciences means that I generally enjoy teaching in a holistic manner, and allowing a student's aptitude for a specific subject feed into those with which they feel less confident. Indeed the beauty of one-to-one mentorship, away from the mayhem of a classroom, is the ability to adapt teaching style and approach to the individual. My greatest joy in teaching so far has been watching students flourish in those disciplines for which they feel the most amount of dislike or anxiety; whether that be developing writing skills of a science-mad 9 year-old by working on time-travel stories, or building the confidence of a 16 year-old struggling with science by relating with her passions for psychology and business.