Lucinda Maxwell mentor with Oppidan education london.jpg


  • Oxford University: Engineering

  • A Levels: Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Chemistry A*, Physics A*


I am currently in my second year of studying Engineering at Trinity College, Oxford, hoping to specialise in Biomedical engineering at the end of this year. Whilst at University, most of my time is taken up learning to play Real Tennis, having taken it up when I started Oxford, and playing Lacrosse for the University. I was lucky enough, the year I left school, to have the opportunity to play at the U19 Lacrosse World Championship for the Scottish national team. Whilst at school, I spent a lot of time doing music, playing the clarinet and piano in the orchestra, chamber groups and teaching myself to play the saxophoneto play in the jazz band. The year before starting Cheltenham I was a member of the National Childrens’ Orchestra, and was lucky enough to perform with them at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.


I always find problems much easier to solve if given context in the real world, finding practical solutions to equations rather than just numbers pulled out of thin air makes learning a much more intuitive task. Not only do I want help students perfect the skills required to solve exam problems, but also to give inspiration to pursue their interests further and to enjoy the process of learning.