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  • Bristol University: Ancient History 1st Class Degree

  • Eton College: A-Levels - Theology A*, Ancient History A, English A

Biography & Interests

I recently graduated from Bristol University and have begun working in TV production. I have always loved TV and film of almost all types, but am particularly interested in factual content. I hope to one day make documentaries focused on environmental issues and conservation. I’m a passionate music fan, having run a music-based radio show in Bristol for two years and written the odd piece for a music magazine. I am also a lifelong football fanatic, despite having to live with a poor decision I made at a young age to support Arsenal.  

Experience & Approach

Though I generally focus on students applying for secondary school, I have experience across a range of age groups, from 10+ all the way to undergraduate level. Regardless of the age of my students my focus is always on building confidence and core skills. I like to utilise games, quizzes and cultural reference points tailored to my students’ interests to make the tutorials (and what’s learnt in them) memorable and engaging. Effective feedback and dialogue between myself, the parent and the tutee is also vital to my approach. 


"Ludo was BRILLIANT, better than we could have hoped for. So happy we were paired with Ludo and thankful for his help and sweet demeanour. Grant enjoyed his help very much." Mother of Grant, January 2018

"Just wanted to say thank you for Ludo, he is an incredible mentor and my son is completely motivated by him! We feel very lucky he is coming to us and are thankful for the thought he puts in to each lesson. He definitely goes above and beyond. " Mother of Year 5 boy, February 2018

"Mungo really liked him and is already talking about next week! I was really impressed - I got great, really constructive feedback (from Ludo) and a brilliant email afterwards. My husband said it’s so interesting how Mungo's always in a really good mood after his one-to-one. I think it’s so beneficial on so many levels - I wish we could do it every night." Mother of 10-year-old, March 2018