Ludovico Leopardi.jpg


  • Durham University: History (First Class Honours)
  • Wellington College IB: Higher level subjects - Economics, History, Maths. Standard level subjects: Spanish, Physics, English


I am a proud Italian born in Rome who moved to England at the age of 16 to study the International baccalaureate at Wellington College. After that I went on to study History at Durham University, graduating with a First Class Honours degree in 2017. My intellectual interests are varied, ranging from History to Philosophy, to Art and literature. Moreover, I am fascinated by the worlds of business and finance, which I have explored through work experience, finding the dynamism and constant innovation within them enthralling. I am also and avid sportsman having competed at various levels in a number of individual and team sports. For this year my aim is to run a marathon. Lastly I have a passion for travelling, food and music which go hand in hand with the curiosity that underlies many of my interests.


I thoroughly enjoy the learning process and as a mentor I relish the opportunity to apply this passionate approach with an optimal blend between creativity and rigour. These two aspects make me into a results driven mentor with the ability to adapt and tailor differing tutoring methods to the specific requirements of each individual tutee, dynamically thinking out of the box to find impactful solutions. Moreover, what brings me to Oppidan is the idea of not limiting the mentoring experience to academics but providing greater support to the individual, greatly enhancing the potential impact on the mentees by comprehensively nurturing their minds. This means not only guiding a mentee to success in their exams but importantly igniting in them an enabling passion for learning and an increased awareness of their true potential, so that these may hopefully accompany them throughout their educational journey and beyond.


"The kids very much enjoy seeing Ludovico on Wednesdays. I very much appreciate that they look forward to him coming." Mother of Year-7 boy and Year-8 Girl.