• University of Edinburgh: MSc in African Studies

  • Stellenbosch University: BCom in Investments and Financial Management

Biography & Interests

I spent most of my schooling and tertiary education in South Africa which has a relatively varied education system, before attending the University of Edinburgh. I am currently running a small niche marketing company that specialises in events and experience marketing. I love the outdoors and am a passionate fan of all sport. If I am not in the office, I spend as much time as I can travelling and experiencing new cultures. I firmly believe everybody has something unique and exciting to offer - you just need to engage and take the time to listen.

Experience & Approach

I spent a year as a 'stooge' or student teacher at a school called Caldicott, in Farnham Royal. This was where I discovered my hidden enthusiasm to help and encourage younger children. My major roles were linked to sport and coaching but I spent a fair bit of time alongside teachers in the classroom. Boys between the ages of 7-13 can feel a great pressure to be a part of the top sport teams, to score tries, score goals, to make runs, etc and I felt that there was a serious need for support and guidance to assist with some of these pressures. Not necessarily somebody to encourage them to participate but somebody to play a guiding role and ensure they understand that there is so much more to school life than playing in the best teams and scoring the most tries.