Emma's University Application

Emma’s University Application

Challenge: Emma was at the local state school and preparing for her interview to Oxford. She had never done an interview before and wanted somebody who had gone through the same experience to help her contextualise what to expect.

Solution: Oppidan organised an Oxford mentor to work with Emma on her application in a way that helped her feel confident about the process and the interview.

Result: Emma was able to analyse what she needed to do to boost her application; after three sessions, she had the interview and won a place to study Classics at her choice of college.

Michael transitioning to Senior School

Michael transitioning to Senior School

Challenge: Michael came from a London prep school and was in his second year at Eton College. He had excelled at his previous school but found integrating into a bigger year group difficult; he was falling out with his teachers and not fulfilling his potential.

Solution: His parents came to Oppidan and we organised for a mentor to see Michael twice a term to go through his school work, set targets and keep him on track.

Result: Michael’s independence at school grew and, because he was accountable to somebody outside his family, kept to his targets and saw a dramatic improvement.


Alice: Dealing with parental pressures during pre-test stages

Alice’s 11+ Pre-Test

Challenge: Alice (10) had tests for senior school coming up. She was under pressure from home and at school and was losing confidence rapidly. She was anxious and wasn’t performing well or enjoying life at school either.

Solution: Oppidan gave Alice a mentor to work with her once a week providing mentoring through an academic lens of preparing her for her tests in a fun and engaging way.

Result: Alice’s mentor gave her the confidence and perspective needed to engage with her pre-test. She looked forward to the lessons and in time managed the process in a calm and measured manner. She achieved a place at her senior school and still works with her mentor today.

Thomas: Integrating into a UK school

Thomas & Moving to the U.K.

Challenge: A client came to Oppidan in the summer of 2017. They had come from Asia and their only son, Thomas, was off to a top UK prep school in September. He was socially difficult and found it difficult to integrate.

Solution: The brief from the parents to Oppidan was to find a mentor able to offer direction and to guide Thomas through his school years and provide an outside source of support when the family was away.

Result: The trust they build over their time together enabled Thomas to flourish at school and as a consequence has put him in a strong position as he approaches his transition to senior school.

David: Oppidan Camp student – Letter from father to Headmaster

David’s disillusionment with school

Challenge: David wasn’t doing very well at school. His marks were down and despite being academically sound, he wasn’t fulfilling his potential. He had a long summer ahead and needed a plan of action.

Solution: David attended one of Oppidan Education’s Oppidan Camps. During the week, he met new friends and was pushed to come out of his shell, to learn new skills and to engage with his academic strengths and weaknesses.

Result: “David was led on an amazing journey, which has completely transformed his view of education.” Letter from David’s father to Oppidan.