We feel very fortunate to have come across your mentoring. The level of engagement, and depth of experience was significantly greater than any individual we had come across before. My daughter found the sessions well tailored and that you were able to really get into the detail of the subject, giving her much improved understanding. Whatever the results, she benefited hugely from the one-to-one sessions, which were always thoroughly prepared, and delivered with enthusiasm and energy. Communication with me as the parent was also comprehensive. I hope we get the opportunity to recommend you and Oppidan to many people. Thank you for being so inspiring.

Mother of A-Level student


Freddie has been an inspirational mentor to my son who is in his pre-test year. He has been positive and influential, helping him to mature in his thinking, to think outside the box and to organise his ideas in an intelligent and articulate manner.

Mother of Year-6 candidate for Eton & Winchester


Oppidan has subtly prepared my son for his Public School assessments without any direct 'interview practice', thereby avoiding the possibility of sounding in any way rehearsed or fake. He always looks forward to his sessions with Henry and never thinks of it as 'tutoring'. I am extremely grateful to Henry for his dedication and talent.

Mother of Year-6 mentee


James has been mentoring my 10 year old son and prepping him for his senior school interviews. He looks forward to his time with James and even asked me if he can continue working with him after the entire exam process over. He leaves feeling even more confident than before. I recommend Oppidan highly and look forward to working with them in the future.

Mother of Year-5 student


Tom is a wonderful mentor, a great coach and inspiring role model to my 10-year- old son. He’s totally original, fun, kind and very knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. We are almost sorry that they cannot remain a secret for those in the know…

Mother of Year-7 boy


You can take direct credit and huge pride in what you have done, not only in achieving this stellar set of results, but also in a huge course correction of his perception about what he is capable of academically. This will be life-changing for him. Thank you for your belief in B and the personal care you all put in to helping him achieve his true potential, despite the fact that the system and circumstances were not in his favour.

Mother of GCSE student