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You can take direct credit for the correction of his perception about what he is capable of achieving academically. This will be life-changing for him. Thank you for the personal care you all put in to helping him achieve his true potential, despite the fact that the system was not in his favour.

Father of 13-year-old Boy

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The Oppidan Approach to Mentoring

Education is in an interesting place in 2019. School curriculums remain bound by prescriptive exam boards and academic targets, leaving less time to focus on the soft skills that parents rightly realise make up a crucial part of their child’s development. The ‘soft skills’ are often the hardest to find time for; intangible and without graded results, personal and communication skills lead a long list of vital talents that mustn’t be left behind as a child matures to adulthood.
We employ academic mentors that incorporate these values into each lesson they teach. In London’s growing educational market, tutoring has acquired a potentially pejorative sense. Parents do not always admit to hiring tutors for their children and schools have little desire to endorse the unregulated work done outside school. Mentoring, however, offers a much broader-based service to both parents and their children, and provides an ethos within education that can work alongside schools.

Oppidan Education one to one mentoring for schools in London

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring provides the necessary changes to the current binary approach of assessing and working with children. Oppidan’s mentors focus on seven different areas of learning to help critically analyse where and how to improve a child’s capabilities, attitudes and beliefs about themselves and their education.
In partnering with coaching psychologist, Richard de Souza, Oppidan’s philosophy is underpinned by the D7 to high performance, developed from the science behind educational behavioural science to help children feel positive, in control and ready to excel. Oppidan’s mentoring highlights what we need to do individually and collectively to achieve the desired vision.
Oppidan’s small team of mentors are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence within their students; they help create direction for students and fundamentally provide a platform for children to excel both in and outside the classroom.


What parents say about mentoring

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What parents say about enjoyment

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What parents say about motivation

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What parents say about confidence

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