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  • Oxford University: BA Experimental Psychology, 1st

  • Bracknell & Wokingham College: A Levels - Human Biology A

  • Alton Sixth Form College: A Levels - Psychology A*, Politics A*, History A


I graduated from Oxford University in 2016 with a First Class Degree in Experimental Psychology (BA). From here I worked as an Executive for a mental health charity before moving on to work at The Human Rights Council at the UN in Geneva alongside the organisation Human Rights Watch. I am currently completing my Masters in Public Health at Imperial College London. Alongside this and tutoring I work for the organisation, Messly, an online community for Junior Doctors and other health professionals. It is my ambition to pursue public health as a human right. As universal healthcare falters, there is much to be done to ensure access to high-quality and free at point of access care for all. I hope this work will lead me into politics in the not too distant future.


Although my grades say otherwise, I used to be a terrible student. I came at my work from a place of severe anxiety, believing a bad grade in some way made me a bad person. It shocks me how so many children today have lost the joy that is learning, viewing it instead as a means to an end: a college, a university, a job... I actually failed my first year at Oxford, but everything changed when I approached my subject with real academic inquisitiveness. When I changed my outlook to be excited by my work, not afraid of it, my results skyrocketed. I attribute my ability to do so much today from learning that by prioritising my mental and physical wellbeing, my mind is better able to grapple with any challenges (intellectual or personal!) It’s never too early, or too late, for a mentee to learn how to learn! It seems we’ve forgotten it in a schooling system based more on regurgitation than understanding. My approach is to bring pleasure back into studies, not pressure. I see myself as a mentor in every sense with a holistic approach to teaching. Although sticking to guidelines and mark schemes is vital (you have to play the game to get the grades!), I also take huge pride in providing the best pastoral support possible. I love to see those I mentor start to look outside of the conscribed syllabus and begin playing with material, not just parroting it. If their eye is on a top university, then it really is vital to start honing the ability to argue as early as possible. Oxbridge isn’t about knowing everything, it’s about knowing how to present the little you do know to serve the argument you believe in. That makes confidence, technique and flair just as important as cramming in your facts and figures! In terms of my experience, I have tutored those in the years below me at Oxford University and, in my capacity as Chair of the award-winning initiative Mind Your Head, Oxford, I have extensive experience in peer-support.